At present, the UK and the rest of the world are facing an acute and widespread outbreak of the novel Coronavirus, most commonly known as ‘Covid-19’. The team at Surgeon on Site wants to reassure our clients that we have responded swiftly and diligently to this outbreak and are taking all necessary precautions to curb the impact of this pandemic. As such, we have adapted our working protocol and policies. These are outlined as follows:

Are we still offering our services?

The Surgeon on Site team is still operational, however we have had to limit our services. At present, we are no longer performing routine, elective procedures. These may include chronic cruciate-disease related conditions, where medical treatment will suffice for the coming weeks.

However, we are still open for urgent procedures where medical treatment wont help sufficiently. Cases that warrant urgent surgery may include fractures, luxations or acute cruciate traumas.

Additionally, we are still able to provide remote services in the form of advice or feedback through our usual channels, that is, by emailing:, or by a telephone call to 01324 474 457. In the event we do not answer the phone, please leave a voice mail including your name and contact number, and a member of staff will be notified and call you back as soon as possible.

Similarly, we are more than happy to answer other questions and queries that have not been mentioned above. Just phone or send an email!

Emergency procedures

In cases where surgery is needed, we have adapted our standard protocol. We have taken additional measures to bolster our standard level of hygiene. These measures include limiting the number of staff we take along to the hosting practice, limiting theatre time to what is strictly necessary, and wearing protective equipment (PPE) at all times. We additionally are liaising closely with the host practice in adapting our working methods to ensure the safety of your pet.

Appointments post ‘Lockdown’

While we are currently not performing elective procedures, we are still keeping these cases in mind for the near future. We are currently operating a ‘Postponed priority booking’ list, which includes all of the cases that were previously booked in but postponed after the lockdown was implemented, as well as requests for surgery or consults that are made during the lockdown period. These cases will be included in the list, and will receive priority booking slots once the restrictions are lifted.

Another important note is that we are closely following the ever-changing governmental advice and so our policies and protocols regarding Covid19 are subject to frequent change. We will keep you up to speed on this as swiftly as we can.

Lastly, we want to thank our clients and all of the pet owners that have entrusted us with their animals that have continued to show support in these challenging times, and we want to reassure you that we will be back to assist you as soon as we can do so safely.