Q: Do you consult with the owners?

A: We are happy to arrange a consultation with the owners if necessary. We’re also happy for patients to be admitted by the practice prior to our arrival. We will aim to speak to the owners by ‘phone prior to surgery to introduce the surgeon and discuss the procedure.

Q: I am a vet/nurse at a practice you are visiting. Can I scrub into the surgery to see what you do?

A: Of course! We are very happy for practice staff to use our visits to help develop their skills and experience at any stage of the procedure. We prefer that anyone joining us in theatre wears clean scrubs, theatre shoes (or shoe covers), hat and mask.

Q: Is the operating theatre at our practice good enough?

A: Prior to operating for the first time we may arrange a visit to the practice to have a look at the facilities and discuss arrangements. It is very unlikely that we would decline to operate based on the size or interior of the operating room.

Q: What about follow-up?

A: One of the main advantages of our service is that the patient remains in the care of the local practice at all times. Surgical follow-up is predominantly routine, and can be carried out with assistance from Surgeon On Site by phone and email. If required, we are always happy to arrange further visits for examination or treatment as soon as is practicable.

Q: (for vets) I’m not sure if  my patient needs surgery – can I get some advice?

A: Of course! Please feel free to email us enquiries@surgeononsite.com with the history and any imaging or laboratory reports. For orthopaedic cases, it is often necessary to examine a patient in order to interpret radiographs appropriately. There is no charge for advice although we do not provide a written radiographic reporting service.

Q: (for vets) Can I ask you about other cases on the day of a visit?

A:  Please do! We are there to help in any way we can.